Tamizdat Project seeks volunteers to work with local archival and library holdings, digitize and transcribe relevant sources whether in manuscript or print form, translate, upload and annotate them on the website. Knowledge of Russian is welcomed, but we are also looking for volunteers who are able to read Polish, German, French, Dutch and other languages. Basic technical skills are preferred. All volunteers are credited as contributors to the project and are invited to participate in future workshops and seminars. Please email the project curator, Yasha Klots (Assistant Professor of Russian at Hunter College, City University of New York) at yakov.klots@hunter.cuny.edu. Thank you for your contributions!

Current Volunteers:

Ksenia Kliueva (St. Petersburg State University, Smolny College)

"I live in Saint Petersburg. This year I graduated from SPbU, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Smolny College), where my major was literature but also I studied cinema and cognitive science. Now I`m doing my master`s degree in cognitive science at the same place. My academic interests include poetry of Josef  Brodsky, Russian and Polish literature of 20th century, cognitive poetics and empirical study of literature."

Elmira Kharchenko (New York)

"I was born in Perm, Russia. Four years ago I moved to New York City to improve my English. Tamizdat Project is a great opportunity for me to keep in touch with my culture and Russian literature that I adore so much."
Stanislav Banartsev (Hunter College, CUNY)

"I was born in Volgodonsk, Russia and moved to the United States at the age of 6. I've done my best to keep in touch with my culture and continue to read Russian books and listen to Russian music. My passion is playing soccer and singing. I am currently working full time in a physical therapy clinic; after finishing my bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpretation, I will apply to a DPT program and study to become a physical therapist."

Ben Simons (University College of Amsterdam)

“I was born in the Netherlands, and from the age of 2 lived abroad (in Tunisia, Spain, Germany, South Africa). I have almost completed my bachelor’s degree in liberal arts at the University College of Amsterdam, majoring in philosophy and culture, with a minor in law. My academic interests include representation, aesthetics and cultural studies of affect and emotion. Currently, I am working on my thesis devoted to Hannah Arendt's phenomenology of labor and the relation of the surplus of value to affect and emotion.”

Sasha White (Hunter College, City University of New York)

"I graduated from a CUNY BA interdisciplinary program, majoring in Law & Literature, with a concentration in Russian literature. My home college is Hunter. My academic interests include feminism, theology, and Marxism. In addition to Vladimir Nabokov, I have studied Dostoevsky and other Russian authors, as well English and ancient Greek literature. My senior thesis was a project on the topic of women and law in Dostoevsky."

Alexander Scheffrahn (University College of Amsterdam)

"I moved to Amsterdam from Russia in 2016 after growing up and studying history and international relations in Moscow. Since then, I have been doing a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts at the University College of Amsterdam, majoring in philosophy and logic, with a minor in mathematics. I have an intention to develop my professional skills as a translator, and cultural memory studies is a field I am strongly interested in. At the moment, I’m working on several academic and creative projects, with a varying degree of success."