Call for Volunteers

Tamizdat Project is a public scholarship and charity initiative devoted to the study of banned books from the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War (“tamizdat” means, literally, “published over there,” i.e., abroad). Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the project has also been dedicated to supporting undergraduate students displaced by war or repressions in their home countries who now need to continue their education elsewhere, particularly in the U.S.

As a nonprofit and academic project, we rely on contributions from volunteers. While you do not have to be a student or academic to participate, we welcome applications from refugee and immigrant students looking for an affiliation with a project like ours. If you are interested in banned books, archival research, translation, and literature in general – and especially if what we do matches your personal or professional goals – please join our team! Whether remotely or in-person, Tamizdat Project volunteers work with archives and library holdings, transcribe relevant sources in manuscript or print form, prepare them for publication on our website, translate, annotate and tag them, design merchandise, make posts on social media, digitize books and periodicals, etc., depending on their interests and qualifications. Knowledge of foreign languages is not required but welcomed, especially Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and other languages of Eastern Europe, as well as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Hebrew.   

In this call for volunteers, we are also looking particularly for

  • A web developer and designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Social media manager
  • Event manager
  • Public outreach manager
  • Videographer and video editor
  • Photographer
  • Proofreader and copyeditor (English and Russian)
  • Assistant librarian
  • Translators

Participating in Tamizdat Project may count as an internship, pending approval of your home university. All volunteers are credited as contributors to the project and invited to participate in Tamizdat Project seminars, workshops, and other events. To meet our team of past and current volunteers, click here!

To join Tamizdat Project, please fill out the application below and send it to us by email at tamizdatproject@gmail.com

We are looking forward to meeting you! Thank you!

Tamizdat Project Team 


Your name?   


Your email?   


Where do you live?


What do you do?  


What is your native language?   


What other languages do you know, and on what level?


What authors, works and topics of twentieth-century Russian and East European literatures are you interested in?


How can Tamizdat Project contribute to your career and professional growth?  


What type of work would you like to contribute to Tamizdat Project as a volunteer?


  • Typing text

  • Transcribing audio recordings

  • Translation (if so, into what languages?)

  • Compiling bibliographies

  • Processing digital images

  • Web development and design (with prior experience)

  • Curating the project on social media (with prior experience)  

  • Oral history (polls and interviews)

  • Working with archives and library collections

  • Proofreading and copyediting (with prior experience)

  • Uploading materials to the website

  • Tagging materials on the website

  • Annotating texts on the website (with prior experience)

  • Graphic design (with prior experience)

  • Managing events

  • Public outreach

  • Videography and video editing

  • OTHER talents the project may benefit from (please specify):